When I try to “Unlock with Patreon” on the Blind Wave website it doesn’t work.
  • Did you just pledge seconds or minutes ago? Wait about an hour for Patreon to register your pledge.
  • Is it the first day of the month and you just pledged? Patreon will be overloaded at this time, so wait up to 24 hours.
  • If it is any other day of the month then change the currency you’re paying in to USD. This fix works most of the time. (You do this by going to “Manage memberships” > “Edit” > “Change” below “Currency” > Selecting USD and then hit the big “Update” button.)

The video page is blank when I try to watch a reaction on the website.
The videos are hosted on Streamable.com on the Blind Wave website, here’s what you can do:
  • Are you using a browser extension that could be blocking the video, such as an adblocker or script blocker? Try turning them off or allow Streamable.com in them.
  • Try another browser if that doesn’t work.
  • Could your country or ISP be blocking our video player? Some ISPs in countries outside of the United States are blocking Streamable which is where the videos on the website are hosted. You would need to use a VPN in order to watch the reactions. Jump

How do I connect my Patreon to Discord
To connect your Patreon to Discord go to Patreon Membership > Scroll down to see “Connect to Discord” button and click it.

How can I recommend a TV show or movie for the Crew to watch?

If you’re still having problems, please message us here:

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