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Friday Update on Content

We want to thank you for your patience this week. The Crew and everyone behind Blind Wave have been working hard this week and The Crew wants to give a big thank you to all the employees and editors as well.

We are still waiting for a response. We understand that SAG-AFTRA is likely overwhelmed by inquiries and correspondence. Because of us still waiting for a response, Saturday will still have Batman the Animated Series releasing. Sunday will not have anything currently, but we are working on filling out the schedule and will be releasing our August Schedule the beginning of next week.

Our current plan, because of time constraints, has been setting up a schedule for the month of August. We will have several new shows, with their early access available on Patreon, in August.

Unless we have any changes, we will not be posting any daily updates on Saturday or Sunday. 

We hope everyone has a good weekend and we will have a better picture of what August will bring Monday.

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