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Hey Everyone!

This update is to let you know of a new format change in how we present our FULL LENGTH Reactions to you. Previously, Full Length Videos were the same as Their YouTube counterpart, except with the full episode reaction being shown and the reference material replaced with a counter. The Intro and Discussion remained the same from the free link found on YouTube.

This is going to slightly change now.

With the coming return of a ton of new shows this television season, and the learning experience we had with Game of Thrones this year, we had a few headaches with releasing them on time due to the huge files and render times our editors were dealing with. We believe we have found a better way to present these, so that not only is it easier for the editors to handle, but the videos will be released much quicker for YOU to watch!

Being introduced gradually, Full Length Videos will now ONLY be the actual reaction itself. The Recap Intro and sometime VERY lengthy discussion will no longer be included. That material will be available as it always has, absolutely free to view on YouTube. Another added benefit for those of you who download the videos to watch locally will now be able to have MUCH Smaller files to download!

As always, thank you for your support and please leave us your feedback. Blind Wave is always trying to find better ways to distribute our content to our Patrons, and we hope this new format is enjoyable for you, as well as less of a strain both on the crew and Editors. Again, getting you this content as quickly and efficiently as possible is important to us. 

Thank You!! 


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