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Monday – Update on Content

We will be providing daily updates to Patreon until we hear back from SAG-AFTRA and commit to any long-term plan.

We have reached out to SAG-AFTRA and we expect to hear back from them before Wednesday.

Our current expectation is that our content will fall under one or more of their exceptions and we will resume posting content as normal. However, we are also preparing for the case where we are informed that our covering of struck content will be detrimental to SAG-AFTRA’s efforts. If that is the case, know that we are working to make sure that other exciting content is taking its place.

While we have not yet received clarification, we have found some additional official information on the strike and what shows do and do not fall under the strike and have determined that the following shows do not fall under their guidelines for struck content and we will resume posting reactions to these shows*:

Ben 10: Alien Force – (Categorized by SAG-AFTRA as – Basic Cable Agreement for Animated Motion Pictures)

Batman the Animated Series – (Categorized by SAG-AFTRA as – Television Animation)

Here is a list of common questions and concerns we have seen in the comments. Please know that we are reading all comments in these posts, and will do our best to address them in future posts.

Is Blind Wave stopping all posting of new content?

No, we will continue to post reactions to the following. We are currently only expecting to pause content for less than a week while we receive clarification. If that is extended, different content will replace the struck content.

Assassination Classroom

Ben 10 Alien Force

Naruto Shippuden

Batman The Animated Series

Spy x Family (Anime Poll Winner)

Why are you doing this if you are not in SAG-AFTRA? Are considering joining SAG-AFTRA?

Some of our members are interested in potentially joining SAG-AFTRA in the future. Blind Wave as a whole also wishes to stand with the actors and writers who have worked hard to create great content that Blind Wave and our Waveriders have enjoyed watching, reviewing, and discussing.

How long will the pause be?

We expect to hear back from SAG-AFTRA before Wednesday. Depending on their clarifications the pause will either end as soon as we hear from them, or it will continue past that. If it does continue past that, we will be working on replacement content for the struck shows.

Is Blind Wave encouraging people to cancel their subscriptions to streaming services?

No. As far as we are aware SAG-AFTRA is not calling for a boycott of streaming services. Please refer to https://www.sagaftra.org/ for more information.

If struck companies haven’t been paying you to promote, are you actually promoting?

It’s true that we have not been paid to promote these shows. However, SAG-AFTRA’s stance on promotion is murky. There has been guidance given from SAG sources that you should not be promoting struck work even “organically.” We are unsure if our reaction content is to be considered under their influencer guidelines, their press/media guidelines, or something else altogether. So until we know for sure, we are pausing.  https://www.sagaftrastrike.org/influencer-faqs

I’ve seen that SAG has instructed people to support already made content. Isn’t what you are doing hurting SAG?

We have seen messaging indicating both sides of this issue: they have specifically asked influencers and podcasters to not promote struck work. Reviews seem to be ok. We were unable to come to a conclusion, so we’ve reached out to SAG-AFTRA directly for clarification.

“Yes, they are considered promotional. Rewatch and companion shows drive people to the struck companies’ platforms to watch the shows promoted by your podcast. We must stand together to show those companies our power and influence so they will provide performers with a fair contract.” – https://www.sagaftrastrike.org/podcaster-faqs

Can I get a refund on Patreon?

We currently expect the delay in posted content to only last a few days. However, you can always directly message us here on Patreon for a refund. https://support.patreon.com/hc/en-us/articles/360021113811-How-do-I-request-a-refund-

If you are reacting to non-struck content on a streaming service, doesn’t that defeat the purpose?

SAG-AFTRA has not called for a consumer, or any other type of boycott of streaming services as of this time.

Other reactors are continuing to post reactions and have not taken this stance. The Reel Rejects made a video that clarified this issue. Why are you halting reactions when other reactors are not?

We have seen direct communication from SAG-AFTRA to other reactors that have asked them in no uncertain terms to stop posting reactions of struck content. We have also seen the messaging that The Reel Rejects has received. There is no way that both of these positions can be true, so we are seeking clarification. The reason we chose to temporarily halt posting was because that if the stance of “you should not react to struck content” was their position it would equate to us crossing the picket line if we continued to do so. If what the Reel Rejects received that “reactions were fine” was correct and we temporarily halted reactions anyway it would not be crossing the picket line. So, we erred on the side of caution to do what we felt would have the least chance of hurting the strikes efforts.

Will we ever see the reactions to struck shows?

If we are directly informed by SAG-AFTRA that our reactions do not fall under their strike guidelines, reactions will be posted as soon as possible. If the information we receive is that our reactions to stuck content are hurting SAG-AFTRA’s efforts, our current plan would be to continue those reactions series at some point after the strike is over.

Why aren’t you reacting to older shows? Shouldn’t you just be pausing new shows?

We have seen direct contact from SAG-AFTRA to other reactors that specifically mention older shows. There is also this on their FAQ:

“Guests: Appearing as a guest on any podcast to promote struck work is not allowed under any circumstances. This includes promotion of work you did in the past. Remember, past work is just as important to the streamers’ bottom lines as upcoming work. Streaming services are putting performers’ work on their platforms to exist there forever without letting the performers share in the revenue they are receiving as a result of having an endless supply of content that performers like you made possible.” – https://www.sagaftrastrike.org/podcaster-faqs



If you have any further questions, please comment down below.

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