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Some Changes to our Goals

We have made a few changes to our goals here on Patreon, as well as added a whole new goal.

While we wish we could create all the content everyone wants every day, it isn’t possible. So we while we work our way towards our FULL TIME goal we decided to add in some more content that we would like to do, but it doesn’t have the priority that some other work does.

Most of these changes are adding in bits of original content that we hope people will enjoy. Below are the changes to the goals.

$2,500 – A whole new goal has been added! This goal will be bringing a weekly Let’s Draw w/ Eric to Blind Wave. Watch Eric draw various places, creature, people, and more in these fun videos.

$5,000 – While this was already a goal, it mainly stipulated buying equipment. While we do want equipment to help improve the channel, and the money helps to sustain us to do more for you guys. We also wanted this goal to give you guys something as well. To our surprise we had an incredibly positive reaction to our Cooking With Blind Wave video. So it has now been added in to this goal. While these videos take some time to prepare and produce it will not be a weekly but every other week. We look forward to doing these videos more in the future.

$10,000 – Another goal that had more equipment specified, so to give more to you guys we have added in a Table Top RPG game. This may be a video or a podcast, but either way you can enjoy the journey of the Blind Wave crew through a DnD game, Star Wars RPG, or more. Some of Blind Wave have never played a Table Top RPG so this is sure to be a fun experience.

We want to thank all of our Patrons for their pledges and we hope some of these changes let everyone know that as we grow we want to do more for our viewers. As much as we want to just do all of this right now. We have a lot that people are looking for and not a huge amount of time that everyone on the crew can dedicate to getting it all done.

As we grow closer to full time we hope to produce fun and exciting content that everyone will enjoy and will be glad to call themselves a Wave Rider.

Thank You,

The Blind Wave Crew

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