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Thursday Patreon Rewards!

Hi Everyone,

Just a reminder about the watch order for Season 3 episodes. Due to inconsistencies in the episode info between HBO Max’s website vs. their streaming service some episodes in Season 3 were recorded out of order. The pinned watch order on our discord has been updated with the correct info and we’ll make sure that our playlists for the season are in the correct order once they all hit Youtube. Thanks!

Poll Rider Reward:

Use this code at blindwave.com/store to get 10% off an order this month: SWCLONDON2023

Uber Rider Videos:

  • Ben 10 3×9 “Under Wraps” Reaction

Fortnight Rider Videos:

  • Ben 10 3×13 “The Visitor” Reaction

Raw Rider Videos:

Four-Sight Rider Videos:

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