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Thursday – Update on Content

We are still awaiting the response from SAG-AFTRA. If we don’t hear anything by the end of this week we are planning a different schedule for the month of August and will have more information on that, likely next week.

Tomorrow will not have a movie release on Youtube. The IP Man Movie Reaction will be dropping down to the Uber Tier as it normally would as according to our research, it does not qualify as struck content. We will work to fill in the tiers above IP Man over the next couple of weeks. We hope to have a new movie available on Patreon as early as tomorrow, but as we usually have a turnaround time of a week or more for movie reactions, this one only has about 1.5 days.

We want to also thank our editors for helping us to try and turnaround edits and content to get it out as fast as we can for you.

Thank you all so much for your continued support, patience, and recommendations on how we can fill our schedule with content you want to see.

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