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Update for Replacement Poll Shows

Hey everyone

As most of you know the Polls for The Monday and Friday slots have been won, with Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Promised Neverland winning. However, with coming back to the studio and trying to resume a normal workflow, we haven’t been able to film the new show reactions quite yet. 

So as far as the plan for when they start, we will be working hard to have two reactions to The Promised Neverland (One YouTube release and one here on Early Access) this coming Friday. Brooklyn Nine-Nine will be starting next week on Monday with the same drop format.

Thanks for your patience and understanding in this strange time as we play catch-up. Over the coming weeks we plan to get more normal content rolling again, Such as Movie Reactions/Commentaries, Mailbag, and more. We wouldn’t be able to do any of this without our Patrons, whose financial support helps us offer free YouTube content worldwide for anyone who feels the need to take up their time with our Shenanigans.

Hope you are as excited as us for the new shows coming this and next week. Remember, new summer shows we choose for ourselves will also be popping up soon too!

-The Blind Wave Crew

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