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Wednesday – Update on Content

We have not heard back from SAG-AFTRA. Ben 10 Alien Force will release as normal Thursday July 27th 2023, as it does not fall under a struck content category. As of this posting Rome is still paused and will not release tomorrow.  

We only saw one question that hasn’t been answered in the last few days posts. If you have a question, please check the previous posts and the answer is likely there. If not, please comment here your question.


If content will be paused for an extended period, could we get a poll or a list for possible temporary replacement shows / miniseries / movies to see what content we could be seeing instead?

We have selected some shows and movies to be reacted to help us fill the gap in the short term, which we will be announcing shortly. We are keeping an eye out on Discord, and these posts for suggestions for non-struck content, as well as original content ideas. If the pause becomes a stoppage, we may consider an additional way to keep audience feedback on what you want to see.

The entire team at the studio has been working so hard this week, and we have already begun filming content for the possible new schedule. It will take some time for things to be edited and fit into that schedule, so thank you for your patience as we continue to support the writers and actors on strike in any way we can. 

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