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Beyond Movie Reaction – Poll #114 


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48 thoughts on "Beyond Movie Reaction – Poll #114 "

  1. it’s not on this poll but please please please considering reacting to society of the snow. not a lot of reactors have done it but the ones that have are blown away by it and i really think you guys would love it. and if you do it please make sure to watch it as intended in spanish with english subs so you can really appreciate the performance by the actors. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WATCH IT!!

  2. Just a FYI for the crew:

    Dhoom is basically a Hindi Fast and Furious, with the sequel being the best film. Baahubali is a Telugu film, a two parter that made RRR possible! And 3 Idiots is a Hindi film and the global gateway to Indian content (before RRR ofc)

    Please ensure you watch in the original language only! Dubs often don’t do justice :))

  3. The Drop (2014). James Gandolfini, Noomi Rapace and Tom Hardy are excellent in this film. It was the last movie that James Gandolfini made before he died and watching his performance in this makes you miss him all the more. It’s one of those movies that I feel is destined to become a cult classic. Right now it’s in the stage where it’s still very much an unknown movie but I promise you, if you watch it, you will enjoy it.

  4. B4 watching any indian content , make sure to get the subtitles checked by any possible north indian friend , coz there are many translations are like machine/gramatical english , which technically are correct but not convey the real meaning.

  5. I am glad that two of my recommendations were included in your poll. Baahubali directed by SSR , the same director of RRR which you guys enjoyed. But in terms of one of the best movies which you guys can enjoy , 3 Idiots is right there. So either of them will be a great reaction.

  6. Finally!!! I don’t care what wins i am just happy u guys are watching another indian movie 😭😭😭😭
    I will vote for 3 idiots because it is my favourite movie I try to watch it every month

    1. Don’t just pick random one as it may affect the poll. Look through the synopsis of each titles, and whichever may excite you , you can select that. I for one would have selected 3 Idiots or Baahubali.

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