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75 thoughts on "Beyond Poll to Replace – BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES"

  1. i would love if superman tas win this poll, it’s very underrated and it also open the way for the justice league show, that is definitely a must watch in my opinion.
    My other top pick on this list is delicious in dungeons, i think they would really enjoy it and is also a fairly short show.
    Honestly except for transformers and mushoku tensei, which I haven’t seen either of, and ben 10, that will always be my childhood but I’m not particularly interested in seeing the crew react to it, i would be okay with with any of the shows on this poll to win

  2. Gotta be Superman. The DCAU is easily one of the best things DC created and we can’t kill any of Blind Wave’s momentum before we get JL, JLU, and Batman Beyond. Also Static Shock would be a cool bonus.

  3. I really wish for a short series to win this poll (Delicious in Dungeon, Kill La Kill or Neon Genesis Evangelion)
    We are all winners when a short series wins

  4. Blindwave, it would be awesome not to be blocked by a region… at random. Sometimes it’s totally fine, sometimes “well, it’s time to use vpn, I guess”.

    Bojack has amazing writing, character’s study (better than Breaking Bad, imho) and it has so many puns and out loud funny jokes… to hide gut-punching dramatic moments. It’s a combo you won’t expect.

      1. Right what kind of BS is that other poster speak Superman is almost essential for Justice League I voted it Bojack then Transformers Prime as it makes sense to replace Batman with a similar type show in being primarily American produced

      2. Good point, and with the new Superman movie releasing in one years time, this show will be a nice compliment to it. JL/JLU has been on my recommendations for years and keeps being pushed back. For the record my votes were 1.Superman, 2.Evangelion, 3.Transformers. My apologies if I offended.

  5. I love Transformers Prime but it’s so difficult to find it now in order to rewatch it. If you guys decide to watch it, I’d love to know the platform that you’re going to watch it in order for me to sync it up with your full reactions and enjoy it all over again.

  6. I feel like anime has been less watched thanks to Ben 10 and Batman, so I think it is only fair that it wins this poll (I honestly would have made it anime only, but I understand that people would be mad)

  7. I’d actually recommend one that’s not on this list. If you decide to do another superhero cartoon, I highly recommend The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. It’s one of the best superhero shows and one of the best Marvel cartoons ever. The really cool thing about it is that many of the episodes are straight-up adaptations of the original stories by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. It’s such a fun show.

  8. I’m really happy to see so many comments for Transformers Prime. It may not win this poll of course but this much love for it makes me more confident we will get it eventually at least

  9. In my opinion, Superman the Animated Series is the best choice. Batman TAS & Superman TAS work beautifully together, plus they do a fantastic job of setting up Justice League, and Justice League Unlimited.

  10. In my opinion, Superman the Animated Series is the best choice. Batman TAS & Superman TAS work beautifully together, plus they do a fantastic job of setting up Justice League, and Justice League Unlimited. The continuity across the shows is insanely brilliant.

  11. Transformers Prime is hands down one of the best, if not the best Transformers shows and I would love to see them react to it, honestly! If not in this pole I want it to win sometime soon and not just show up as an option one time and we miss out!

  12. On one hand, I love Mushoku Tensei so it has my vote. But the real question is if the guys will gel with it or not. It’s definitely a show that will leave you with a ton of conflicting emotions.

    1. Yeah I agree that it’s really good, but what almost ruins it to me is Rudeus’ obsession with a certain “Treasure” of his and the overall “puberty coded” nature of the whole show, if you know what I mean.

      So it’s as if the Mangaka was a h**ny teenager in puberty.
      It’s kinda annoying.

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