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Beyond Poll to Replace – Ben 10 Alien Force


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88 thoughts on "Beyond Poll to Replace – Ben 10 Alien Force"

  1. They are picking good anime which is great but there is so much anime out there I feel like it drowns out some older western animated shows like Owl house, Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts, Samurai Jack, or HTTYD Race to the Edge that are really good from the polls. Aside from the ben 10 continuation spiderman was the only non-new release.

  2. X-Men 97 too good for it to just end up in a poll tbh lol but I get it you’re stacked up.

    Also small mistake but I think Hazbin Hotel is from this year not 2019. That’s a show I’ll probably try out soon enough heard good things.

  3. 1st. Ben 10 Ultimate Alien to keep it going
    2nd. Hazbin Hotel cause I think it’d be a fun watch for the guys
    3rd. Spectacular Spider-Man cause boy is it a solid show staring my true Spider-Man Josh Keaton

  4. God I’m tired of all the “new” anime on polls there are so many they missed at least yu yu hakusho keeps getting a chance and kill la kill. But some of the new stuff is just pretty animation with basic story. Yu yu hakusho for the win or something short so we can move on. I guess if we do all the 10-12 episode new animes there’s no choice but to go back a bit. Tower of god would be fun season two starts soon

    1. I’m with you. I voted Kill la Kill and Yu Yu Hakusho 1st and 2nd. I want them to watch some of the classic greats. They loved Gurren Lagann so I think Kill la Kill is a fine choice but Yu Yu Hakusho is a legend.

    2. Yeah I was pretty shocked with Solo Leveling and DinD, I don’t mind recent stuff but both of those are from last season. That said, I am still firmly against long shows like Yu Yu Hakusho, even if I like them which in this case I do. 2 years is just to long when they can experience all different kinds of shows in that time, the amount of unique experiences they can have with shorter shows is worth too much. It is exactly what is killing me about this Ben10/Batman era we are in atm, They just go on too long

  5. This is the hardest poll to choose i have to strongly recomment Spectacular Spider-man, but for continuity sake i would say Ben 10: Ultimate Alien… but also Hazbin Hotel and Blue Eye Samurai and Delicious in Dungeon…. hard hard choice

  6. Despite how I love Spectacular Spider-Man and the new X-Men ’97 I hope that Ben 10 will win, just for them to start watching Omniverse sooner. I like Ultimate Alien, but Omniverse is just PEAK

  7. Kaguya-Sama is my favourite show of all time. But prob because of the recency bias XMen will win, which is a great show and it is short comparatively. Blue Eyed Samurai is also short and great so I wouldn´t mind those winning. BUT there aren´t a lot of reactors for Love is War, in comparison to how universally loved it is in the anime space.

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