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53 thoughts on "Beyond Poll to Replace – Community"

  1. Fargo is masterpiece television, with each season a unique, well-crafted story.
    BSG is the perfect show for this channel, and it has so many episodes.
    Severance is one of the most riveting shows I’ve seen in a long time, but it’s just getting started with only 1 season so far.

  2. 1. Severance because it’s short (also because it’s one of the greatest seasons of tv ever).
    2. Mr Robot. A masterpiece. And the fanbase deserves a win after all this time.
    3. The Wire. What can I say, it’s one of the goats.

  3. Succession is maybe the best show I’ve seen in years and praying it makes it – though these comments aren’t filling me with confidence aha. It won every award and really is perfection, no bad episodes. I went for Hannibal and Fargo for two and three 🙂

  4. Mr Robot will forever get my first choice until either they react to it, or I die. Whoever comes first 😂 it is quite literally the only show I feel I NEED to see reactions to.

    Fringe is a solid second choice. It’s quite high on my list of favorite shows.

    Guess Hannibal gets third choice since that’s the only other one on the list I’d watch.

    If anyone out there doesn’t have a dog in this race and wants to throw Mr Robot a vote, I’ll sell you a piece of my soul 🤣 (I am legally obligated to inform you that I cannot, in fact, sell you pieces of my soul. But I would be forever grateful to you, random internet strangers!)

  5. I’m choosing Battlestar Galactica as choice 1. Also anyone else want to update their recommendations to include Steven Universe? I really want that to have a chance to at least make the poll.

  6. I voted for Mr. Robot as my 1st choice. Hannibal and Succession as my 2nd and 3rd, respectively. And I would like to nominate Orphan Black for a future poll. It’s SO damn good, but not nearly enough people are reacting to it!

  7. The poll is stacked. BSG gets my top vote. It’s time an established reaction channel react to that series. Hannibal is S tier and will always have a vote from me along with “The Wire”.

    If this poll is any indication, 2024 is going to be a great reaction year for live action content.

  8. I have a sneaking suspicion that even though the only real choice here is The Wire it won’t win. It seems like a crime being deprived of the type of quality show that we don’t see much of these days

  9. I am rooting for Fargo and put it 1st, but Warrior would be amazing as well and I could see it turning into one of the favorite shows of the whole crew, it’s really up their alley with the story and with the amazing fight scenes and choreography.

  10. Have I watched all the shows in the poll? No. Did I still vote for two I haven’t? Yes. Why? Because if I show I have never seen or finished wins it will give me the incentive to watch along or pick the show up again.

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