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Beyond Poll to Replace – One Piece Live Action


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53 thoughts on "Beyond Poll to Replace – One Piece Live Action"

  1. Hoping for Severance vs. Succession. Or True detective or The Pacific. Succession will be forever before we get to a new show. Plus……rich dude problems doesn’t seem to appeal to me. “Award” recipients or not. I’ll take The Bear as well….but I have a feeling a lot of people are voting for it, so I left it off my list.

  2. Criminal lack of hype for Severance. One of the most mind-bending and visually striking shows to date. Perfected by an outstanding cast and a script that’s extraordinary and unforgettable. A truly revolutionary show that can tug on the heartstrings of every viewer, and keep you intrigued and asking questions from the very first moment. 10/10

  3. I have no idea how Succession is getting so little love in the comments. It won every conceivable award, is maybe the best tv show of the decade and is both hilarious, challenging, incredibly moving and so different to everything on the roster. Also it’s moment is now whilst there is still momentum! You don’t sweep every award show for nothing aha. Also also the fact the guys know nothing about it too – could you imagine getting to 2×10 and 4×03?? And having genuine surprise in those moments my god I wish I could experience that again, it’s a S tier show.

    As some who only really watches live action (no judgement, I mean I love Avatar) it would be really good to get something like this on the books. I feel like it’s going to be an uphill voting battle so I at least hope if succession loses something short wins lol. I get that we all feel confused and indignant when our shows don’t win haha I’m just genuinely surprised Succession isn’t one of the clear favourites.

  4. I honestly don’t know how Succession is getting so little love in the comments. It’s basically the best show the decade, won every acting/award possible (and well deserved) and as someone who doesn’t really watch anime /anime adaptations or cartoons (no judgement just doesn’t – I mean except Avatar aha) I’m really hoping for something live action, I can get my teeth into/different to what we have at the moment.

    I suppose we all feel that way about the shows we love though and my view isn’t unique – I know the Normies are reacting to it but I sooooo wanna see Blind Wave do it. It’s so different to anything on the roster – Shakespearean, genuinely hysterically funny, unprecedente and has some of the best performances I have ever seen on screen. There are literally no bad episodes – it’s bonkers. Anyway fingers crossed it makes it or at least we can keep it on the polls c’mon lads. It’s time is now where people are still excited by it and it’s still in the conversation. The fact they clearly know nothing about it either would be so bloody fun!

  5. Another stacked poll. The Pacific added to the poll became my #1 choice. The crew is ready to experience beautifully tragic filmmaking again. Enough time has passed from “Band of Brothers” and they’re ready for another emotional punch in the stomach. It’s also another short series and we’ll get another poll in a couple of weeks.

    Succession and Severance also get my vote

    Not going to vote for it but hope Spartacus remains a voting choice because it’s bad ass and would be great reaction material if it can pass the youtube censorship.

  6. Severence is incredible, and a perfect reaction show. True Detective and The Bear are also great for Blind Wave vibes.

    For other beyonders in the comments, I challenge you to watch “From” and try to not add to your Recommendations. Its impossible to not recommend that show to everyone in your life after watching it. Its so much fun.

  7. I would freaking love the original UK Utopia series, plenty short (for sad reasons) and some of the best television I’ve seen, and that is not even mentioning the soundtrack. Doubt it’ll ever make it, but here’s an idea.

  8. I voted for Severance (1st place), The Bear (2nd place) and Mr. Robot (3rd place), but the show I want to see you react to more than anything is still Orphan Black. There aren’t nearly enough reactions to it and Tatiana Maslany deserves WAY more recognition for her performance.

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