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Beyond Poll to Replace – Spy x Family


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59 thoughts on "Beyond Poll to Replace – Spy x Family"

  1. I am glad that I am seeing Champloo a lot even if it is second or third. I know this is not going to be a popular opinion, but I feel it comes together better than Bebop. I think that has to do more because they learned a lot form it.

  2. I went with slime cause it’s a good medium length pick and would be the first show since OPM they’ve reacted to with dubbed meaningful OVAs

    Then Yu Yu because it’s a classic they need to watch, but would be a long show and we’ve currently still got a long ways to go with Naruto

    Finally Kaguya because even though it’s also a longer show I think they would enjoy the comedy and it would be something different for them

  3. Frieren is really good, if doesn’t win it should definitely be on future lists. I’d like to know if Evangelion wins will they also do End of Evangelion? It’s such a weird show that I love watching with people who haven’t seen it, but will also never recommend lol

  4. Had to log in to vote for 86. I am not someone who generally likes anime, and that show has stolen my brain power. I am constantly thinking about the show! The music is phenomenal. The mirroring of characters, down to the introductions being shot in the same way but showing the contrast between the two worlds. The symbolism. THE SYMBOLISM. As someone who was A.D Army for a stint, and as someone who loves philosophy and ethical questions, this show was just so good. Binged it in two days. Cried, and then re-watched it.

    Had my sister pick the other two options, They went with Frieren and That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime, as they are an anime fan and got me hooked on 86. So maybe fans of one of those shows will get their wishes, but my vote is on 86!

  5. Yu Yu Hakusho!!!
    People don’t realize how this anime influenced most of the shows they’ve already watched. And you know what? It still holds up to this day as being uniquely special. Especially the DUB – which is what Blind Wave reacts to. 😁

  6. Slime is such an underrated amazing anime. Season 3 also coming out this spring, and great dubs
    Frieren is amazing, really is up there with my most loved anime already, but slime has been voted for so many times, I’m pretty sure Frieren will stay on the poll for the next time, due to how great it is, and we can hopefully get them to watch slime, and then jump on frieren on the next poll. Jobless Would be a journey too!

    Both are getting next seasons after all. Also you all gotta remember that Re;zero is likely getting a fire adaption of the third season, have only heard good things about what is coming up, amazing discussion are expected, as per usual for that show.

  7. Samurai Champloo is a classic that changed my taste in music, though probably isn’t great for reactions. Would you consider adding Devilman Crybaby (2018) onto the next poll? Short one season with a lot of twists and great animation. The ending will always stay with me.

  8. I already posted something similar on Youtube but for those wanting Yu Yu Hakusho please think about it. I like Yu Yu Hakusho a lot and would probably watch their entire reaction to it HOWEVER it just is not worth spending two years on when we could have so many other shows in that time

  9. Damn we need to do better on the Recommendations. Theres been a lot of great exciting “react-able” animes in the past years, like Tokyo Revengers, Heavenly Delusion, Blue Lock, etc

    And yall got them trying watch Mushoku and Kill la Kill. You know theyre not gonna like that stuff.

  10. Mushoku Tensei is a great travel story, Frieren is another amazing travel story. I feel having at least one of these picked is great :D.

    I would love for them to watch Yaosobi music video for frieren as well if they pick it.

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