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Beyond Poll to Replace – The Bear


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90 thoughts on "Beyond Poll to Replace – The Bear"

  1. Mr. Robot please win this time. Also I’m sad Severance isn’t on the list any more. Is it because it’s already been chosen to replace something else? I still don’t know how to navigate this website to see what show won what poll.

  2. This is Mr. Robot’s time to shine! I feel like the competition isn’t too crazy this time around. If it’s gonna win, it’s gonna be this poll. If anyone has a spare vote and want’s to throw one to Mr. Robot, I promise I’ll love you forever.

    1. Mr. Robot (I need this more than I need air to breathe)
    2. Fringe (If Mr. Robot doesn’t win, this is my only other desirable choice)
    3. Hannibal (Saw S1 and wasn’t super impressed, but I would give it another chance with BW reacting)

  3. As a fan of a few great animes, I am so excited for Blind Wave’s new phase of shows not being anime. For me:

    1.) The Wire (one of the greatest shows of all time). They’ll love McNulty and Bunk’s relationship. The next two really did not matter after I saw this choice but I chose …

    2.) Last Kingdom. Historical fiction that gives a more realistic representation on some of the large “Vikings'” era names. I predict them liking Uhtred like they loved Robb/Jon/Ragnar.

    3.) Hard one, I originally went with Sons of Anarchy, but changed my mind to WWDITS. I started SoA, never finished it, maybe they’ll give me a reason to. I personally wouldn’t keep my Raw rider membership solely for either. With WWDITS, I finished all of it & it is the same sort of hilarity as Always Sunny! It is a great show, not comparable to the others though. The others? Too easy, especially for The Wire.

  4. 1) Psych (my favorite comedy show of all time – became a patron so I could vote for this)
    2) WWDITS (also one of my favorites, they will love the humor as proven by their reaction to the movie)
    3) Hannibal

  5. I voted for Mr. Robot (1), Hannibal (2) and Fringe (3).
    Still waiting for Orphan Black to make it onto a poll though. I want it just as much, if not more, than Mr. Robot. Tatiana Maslany is legendary in that show and I was so excited when she and Rami Malek won their Best Actress/Actor Emmys for the two shows in the same night. I wish more people would recommend it.

  6. Let them do Psych! Let them have some good laughs and some even greater brainstorming for who is the criminal!!

    I enjoy their reactions and having some good laughs with a show thats been out for a while would be good.

  7. I really would love them to do Sons of Anarchy. It’s one of my favorite all time shows and has almost nobody who has reacted to it. Such a surprisingly hidden classic for how popular I thought it was when it was airing.

  8. Crossing my fingers for The Last Kingdom. One of my favorite series. Deserves a lot more attention, the character writing is amazing. If the boys enjoyed Black Sails and Vikings, The Last Kingdom will blow em away.

  9. The Wire is still the best show of all time 20+ years later, and the discussions would be amazing, so that’s #1 of course…lots of other great shows here though, BSG, Hannibal, Mr. Robot (I don’t think Mr. Robot reactions can be posted to Youtube though), Fringe… tough choices!

  10. for the love of god, please fringe! it never wins but it’s so good and cool and interesting! you guys would also enjoy psych but it’s a wildly different vibe lol. both have great characters!

  11. Sad to see so few comments supporting The Wire every time it comes up on a poll. There’s a reason it’s widely considered one of the very best shows of all time, if not *the* best. It really is that good.

  12. This is one of the more difficult polls ever on The Blindwave. So many great shows. Hope BSG wins though The Wire would be great as well. It would be interesting to see what their reaction to The Wire would be as it’s a series that is different from what they usually react to.

  13. This is so hard. BSG and Fringe have been alternating my one and two spots on every poll, but now I really want Psych to win. I’ll be happy if any of those three win, though, and I eventually want them to watch The Wire and WWDITS, too. Come on, Psych! It would be such a fun show to be watching this summer.

    1. I agree. Tough choices, and I would have voted BSG or Fringe as my first two options, if Psych wasn’t on the poll. Psych would be such a blast to watch with them (I don’t care if Aaron and Calvin have seen it and Rick is already watching it…still worth it).

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