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Beyond Poll to Replace – X-Men 97


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78 thoughts on "Beyond Poll to Replace – X-Men 97"

  1. Why would they lump Ultimate Alien with so many other popular choices? It’s just a direct continuation of Alien Force that they should do as soon as possible before they forget details. It’s like they are stacking the poll against it.

  2. Damn it. Stop putting all the goodies together, that said Spectacular Spiderman is the best spiderman series/maybe better than the movies. Solo Leveling is fantastic visual (not sold on its story yet, ending of the season is great). At lot of the others are great but I’ve been championing NGA everytime it’s up.

  3. Guys just hear me out if we vote for the shorter shows now they will get through them quickly and shorten the list for future polls…and im not just saying that because i really want to watch Blue eye sumurai and Kill la kill

  4. Sadly I don’t feel the impact of the recommendations since all but 1 of the options has already been on a poll… I mean it does not mean they are not involved, I just hoped for more random stuff like Mushoku Tensei

    1. I completly agree. It seems like we only ever get 1 new show at most 2 on any given poll. They need to give a break to the shows that are constantly on there and never win. Its getting frustating to see the same old options that i dont really care about.

      1. I agree with Xen, if they’re on the poll then that means they’re highly recommended and the whole point of having a vote on them is to give the majority of the viewers an ability to pick. Randomness makes no sense in that case if there’s not enough support behind it to garner interest over other shows that have it.

  5. They need to start giving a break to the shows that never win. It gets tiring to see only 2 new shows in these polls. After a few polls you can bring the shows back and give them a try.

  6. I’m going

    Solo leveling was a great series especially since I haven’t gotten to read the Manhwa yet

    NGA needs no explanation

    Kaguya easily one of funniest anime’s I’ve seen idk if they’d enjoy it as much as me but it’s worth a shot

  7. Blue Eyed Samurai should get a vote but its 8 Episode so i also am voting Yu Yu Hakusho and like DBZ i dont need to binge watch cause seen it way too many times in the Toonami block

  8. We need Yu Yu Hakusho to win. I need to see the smile(s) on Rick, the hype of Eric, the impressions and breakdowns of Calvin and Aaron’s crying face. Everyone will be rewarded greatly if this show wins the poll. I get that it’s got length but it’s worth the journey

  9. Ben 10, because while I’ve accepted that when JoJo is someday on the poll and gets voted will be in the english dub, I’ve yet to accept that Yu Yu Hakusho will be in that awful dub lol. Hiei’s english voice is good, though. he’s the exception.

  10. God I want Owl House to win, the reactions for it will be great no matter what the group watching looks like.

    But I’ve also wanted more people to watch Spectacular for a long time. As much as I don’t necessarily want them to go from Marvel to Marvel, it’s a great show that I think they’d appreciate.

  11. I’m usually not at all an animation fan, but The Owl House is one of my few exceptions. (Along with Harley Quinn and Infinity Train.)

    For a cartoon, it’s extremely well-written and clever.

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