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Movie Reaction Poll #109


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30 thoughts on "Movie Reaction Poll #109"

  1. I feel like the audience gender ratio might make it one of the top three (no judgement aha) – but god I hope it’s Little Women. It’s one I’ve wanted them to react to for years but didn’t even bother to suggest it. I almost can’t believe it’s on a poll, it’s one of those movies that just lives inside you after you watch it and is by far Greta’s best work. I liked Lady Bird, I liked Barbie but my god Little Women is just a modern classic

  2. All of the films here are good and the acting performances are equally good but “Prisoners” stands out. The acting performances within the film are phenomenal and Hugh Jackman’s role in this film is arguably the best acting of his career.

    1. No same, it’s such a beautiful movie and I think they’d enjoy it/be affected by it. I cannot in a million years see it winning either. I love Blind Wave to death but I’m a 20-something year old woman who doesn’t watch Star Wars or Anime so I’m always rooting for the lost cause option haha

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