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98 thoughts on "Poll to Replace Ted Lasso"

  1. I just don’t get why Arron doesn’t say we are doing battle star. Most people haven’t watched it since it came on years ago. Other crew members have done it, Aaron just say you guys are watching it and that’s it. Because from the comments I’m pretty sure we are not going to get it again.

  2. Out of all of these shows, Mr. Robot would be the one this group would enjoy the most, but after all these years I don’t see it ever being picked. I’m expecting One Piece to win this one, but The Sopranos or Succession would be cool.

    Going back to Mr. Robot, I think you guys will have to select it as a crew pick if you ever want the chance to react to it on the channel. 😉

  3. I definitely voted for One Piece. As a guy who does not care about anime as much as I use too when I was in MS/HS. I thought it would be pretty funny to get a more week to week reaction on the live action compare to the yearly reaction, can’t wait to see the hardcore One Piece fandom comment, lol. Also hoping for The Bear and Succession, good show.

  4. There are some great options! Severance and Succession are fantastic. Severance would be a good choice because it’s only been one season, so you could watch it live with us when the new season comes around. Plus, it’s like nothing else out there. Succession isn’t a long series; it recently wrapped up and is entertaining. I also voted for Mr. Robot because I stopped watching it after two seasons, not because it wasn’t good, but because life just got busy, and it dropped off my TV rotation. I’ve wanted to get back into it, so this would be good to watch along.

  5. I would vote for the office because that would be such a fun reaction. I would have said mr robot two days ago, but yesterday I watched Iron Claw and the actor from BEAR was so good, that I’d like to watch that next.

  6. The bear is one of the best tv shows to come out it the last few years, the characters, cinematography, acting, story and the cameos are crazy good!! would highly recommend to anyone and everyone even if you are into cooking.

  7. The Last Kingdom is absolutely amazing and deserves to be talked about more. With how much the guys enjoyed Black Sails and Vikings I know they’d absolutely love Uhtred’s story. If it’s not the winner of this poll I definitely want to see it as an option in the future! Especially since the movie to conclude the series came out not too long ago.

  8. I got so excited when I saw the first three! Then my hopes diminished as each show was added. I would hope Severance and The Bear could be done regardless since they’re so short. I loved The Leftovers too, but I don’t have any hope that there would be enough votes for that.

  9. SO SAY WE ALL! Man oh man absolutely love BSG so that gets my vote however as much as i love it I might have to vote Fringe above it considering how long Eric has been wanting to do it & its genuinely a great show that admittedly i havent seen all of. i think i dropped off somewhere in S4 not cz i wasnt enjoying it just because of life things. My 3rd option is Leftovers which again i didnt finish but it really made you think psychologically, & philosophically. And i dont remember much of other than a policeman, a cult, christopher eccelstone, & a mysterious deer. 🤣

  10. OPLA would be awesome since it’s only 8 episodes long and surpassed everyones expectations (it really lifted the Live Action Anime curse). While the april fools joke was fun (and i loved the romance dawn reactions until now), I think watching the live action is a good compromise for OP fans.

  11. SEVERANCE first because it’s short, then MR ROBOT. Maybe The Leftovers. They already have so many fun fast-paced action shows, so I hope it isn’t One Piece. They need something dark/serious. Severance really is one of the best seasons of television of all time.

  12. I voted One Piece for my first choice (I fell in love with the anime, once they started doing their “once a year” reactions to it, and couldn’t stop watching it… I realize they’re not going to watch much of the actual anime, so the live action is the next best thing), Battlestar Galactica for my second choice, and Fringe for my third. None of my personal show recommendations (from the website) were on this list haha (Downton Abbey and Sex Education), but there are some really great options on this poll and I’m looking forward to watching the winner!

  13. The Last Kingdom is one of the best hidden gems out there. Every member of Blind Wave would fall in love with it and legions of Blind Wave fans would have the joy of experiencing it for the first time. It would be very similar to the experience with Black Sails.

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