American Psycho Movie Reaction

March 3, 2023

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6 thoughts on "American Psycho Movie Reaction"

  1. my interpertation is: he is a psycho and he is in so much control and lack of control at the same time that he has given into his psychosis and THINKS he is killing folks when in reality he is just expressing it through art and his thoughts. now when i first saw this as a kid i took it as if the people around him (his lawyer in particular) where just protecting him. he called and made the confession and the lawyer called in a cleaner crew to take away all the bodies and evidence and then they all just feign innocence and ignorance (think the truman show after he finds out he is being recorded but people keep up the lie even though they know he knows). so thats why i havent watched this since my youth (16-17). i was just like “eww rich people get away with everything” lol

  2. I’m really glad they did Hidden Figures before this, because I’m catching up on movie reactions and Wolf of Wall Street straight into this woulda been rough to get through

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