Django Unchained Movie Reaction

April 23, 2021

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18 thoughts on "Django Unchained Movie Reaction"

  1. This is why we keep asking to know beforehand, who has or hasn’t seen each film. I wouldn’t have voted for Django, if i had known it would only be Rick + Aaron.

  2. I like the dynamics of the crew. I feel like its fine if the whole crew isn’t in every reaction. It definitely didn’t make it less entertaining.

  3. I love seeing all of you react to each movie/show etc, but it’s also nice just having the guys who haven’t seen it watch on their own. You get to focus on the new original reactions instead of someone who knows what’s coming next. Y’all need to watch Inglorious Bastards, my favorite Tarentino movie!

  4. That scene in Dining room Leo accidentally really does slam his hand on a real glass that was all real blood and he finished the scene and even used it to smear on her face and they said after they cut he got a standing ovation for that performance lol just shows more to how amazing of a actor Leo is

  5. Quentin once talked about his writing process. Specifically Pulp Fiction and the I shot Marvin In the face scene. Most people said I want to laugh but I don’t think I’m allowed. And Q says yes its how you write it. He quoted a comedian who says you can make anything funny as long as its worded correctly. So it definitely applies here with The Big Daddy scene, Django meeting Steven, the Bag scene, and almost every scene. It’s okay to laugh, your supposed to laugh.

  6. Dr. King talked about being in a traveling circus and talked about The Three Musketeers, also the actor Christoph Waltz was in the new rebooted Three Musketeers and a movie called Water For Elephants that’s about a traveling circus, both a year before this movie came out.

  7. This is tied with Inglorious Basterds for my favorite Tarantino flick, and for all the comments about only Rick & Aaron reacting to this one and the wishes for the whole crew, I don’t really mind. I do appreciate when everyone is around, even if they have seen it individually before, but I don’t think it takes away from the entertainment overall. It just makes me appreciate Aaron and Rick more since it’s more focused on them. Plus I mean the got schedules and shit, surely that can’t all be there all the time.

  8. I think anyone who watched the Mortal Kombat reaction knows that having someone who’s seen it kind of ruins the suspense and shock of certain scenes because they accidentally signpost things. “Watch, here it comes!” or “Oh look, listen to this part” etc. I know MK wasn’t meant to be too serious of a reaction, but it wouldn’t have made it better for a movie like this.

  9. Now that you’ve watched this and experienced Christoph Waltz playing a good guy, you’ve got to watch inglorious basterds and see what an amazing actor he is.

  10. Normally I’d want the whole crew but for some reason I like just you two for this. So hype. Might just go buy full length instead lol

  11. this is not true. He did not smear real blood on her face. like what? You think that actress would be ok with that lol? There are a whole bunch of lawsuits that could come from that. He did cut his hand, but they patched it up and used fake blood for that part.

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