Everything Everywhere All at Once Movie Reaction

June 17, 2022

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28 thoughts on "Everything Everywhere All at Once Movie Reaction"

  1. I watched this movie 5 hours before seeing this. I sobbed three times, which is three more than I’ve ever cried watching a movie. It’s amazing. Plain and simple.

  2. Hurray! I’ll watch this after work. Honestly, a better multiverse movie than Strange. Enjoyed both a lot, but this one twists your brain in so many ways. I even convinced my bosses to rent a private screening to watch this movie so my coworkers would feel comfortable going back to the movie theater.

  3. I also wanted to say that god, did I relate to Joy so hard, and especially her nihilism and passive suicidalness and depression and learning to choose love and kindness in spite of everything – choosing it anyway, so relateable but also so, so powerful and meaningful as a queer, chinese, 3rd gen immigrant daughter myself who has struggled with depression and mental health a lot.

    I’m no where close to a film buff and I don’t watch that many movies so maybe this isn’t saying much, but it’s definitely my favorite movie of all time. I’ve admittedly seen it 4 times already.

  4. Is it just my speakers or was it hard to hear when alpha husband explained stuff everytime especially with the accent. And later It just felt too quiet everytime they got serious and started talking. They did that low whisper serious voice crap with loud background music

  5. this is my third time watching the film and im picking up on so many little things in the background. donut umbrella, sign spinner before they get to the IRS building, the cookies

  6. as someone who hates stupid: uhm no, i can and do go through life happy just when im faced with stupid i get annoyed and angry but those are moments not every second of my life 🙂

  7. as someone who is super blunt: i never noticed this song in the film at all, or any song except for the background lyricless music films have. unless its a musical/have lyrics the music just doesnt exist for me. i also dont listen to american music, never heard of the band or the song despite it being in shows like daria and dawson’s creek like the article says. im that obteuse when it comes to non-in your face music or stuff i dont like lol its very much in one hear out the next/ignored totally. so its fascinating to me folks think this song is so well known and obviously picked up on. its not britney. or wonder girls. or utada hikaru………

  8. there goes super smart logical rick “everything must be questioned and have answers to” “i do why do they have to unplug the butt plugs” lol just go with it bro. “soundtrack? most of its from other films” guess i dont watch enough movies (i am more of a tv guy) cause i have no idea what he is talking about lol it doesnt help i dont pay attention to non-lyrical background music but none of it sounds familiar to me lol. this movie is almost perfect. it kinda has a musical number but not quite, then it would check every box for me, like adventures in babysitting (my favorite film of all time). music, love, heroism, compassion, female lead, comedy, action, dancing, teen story, and of course the classic “hero’s journey” that is every story. this is easily a 9 for me. 10 is perfect and would be in my top 5, but it doesnt make me feel like my top films do but i do love it enough to add it to my collection aka it will be watched again (3 times and counting). so far it may be my movie of the year, we will see. so many more movies to come and it does have competition with sneakerella and namaste wahala

  9. alphaJoy didnt/doesnt need the device to traverse the multiverse. the last time she was connected to it, when they went over board, gave her her powers. FOREVER. the same thing happened to evelyn. they even said it point blank in the film “you will be this way forever” to evelyn. so she is forever connected to the multiverse. the question is: what is alphajoy doing? she and our evelyn have made a bond and her mom is dead in her universe and evelyn is the only other person like her. do they have weekends where they universe hop? like what is alphaverse joy’s purpose in life now that she no longer wants to destroy everything? and what about all the people she has killed not only in this film but up until this film? how will she make restitution for that? WILL she make restittution for that? the film isnt about that so they dont go into it (just like with wanda in wandavision and multiverse of madness) but i would like to see it in a sequel but i also get it doesnt need a sequel and we can each walk away with our own head canon of what life is like for them going forward. and for me its alpha joy traveling the multiverse being a hero, making up for all the chaos and destruction she has caused and on the weekends she chills with our evelyn bonding with the mother she never had

  10. well the directors are known as “the daniels” or ‘daniels”. thats how they are credited and referred to in conversation and movie news.

  11. also andy le (the fight choreographer with the BIG butt plug) was in shang chi. i think he helped with some of the fight choreo in that film as well but he played the speechless death dealer who trained young shang chi

  12. not really. quan left acting yes but not hollywood. he went behind the scenes and did work on lots of american films like xmen. he also did work/.acting in china. people like to say this is the film he first did since quitting acting and thats so not true. he did a netflix film “finding ohana” which came out in 2021 aka before this

  13. In the theater it was amazing! Also haven’t laughed this hard at a movie I also cried to, RIP my soul. Loved this movie and loved watching you guys watch this!

  14. Last week, my partner and I said I love you to each other for the first time and, when we were talking about it, we found out that we both realized that we had fallen in love with the other when we saw this movie together a week prior. This movie is so wonderful and silly and heartwarming and validating – I have to agree that it does check all the boxes. As a fan, seeing my fav reactors react to it has seriously made my week 🙂 Love you guys!

  15. …On one hand, love they reacted to this, on the other omg I cant believe they finally broke the mouse That things has taken so much abuse from them over the years, it shall be missed

  16. low rewatchability???? Ive seen it atleast 3 time, not counting all the times ive seen reactions. THe jokes and the actions still are enjyoyable. Cant wait to rewatch years from now lol

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