GoodFellas Movie Reaction

July 22, 2022

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19 thoughts on "GoodFellas Movie Reaction"

  1. i havent seen it either. all i know is this is a mobster movie and i so dont watch those (except for asian mobsters. im here for all the triad and yakuza films). so that means i never saw any of the godfather films either. so like shawshank, here we go!

  2. as someone who has done the same as aaron: simple. we like fun happy stuff. disney, more disney, and some disney on the side. oh whoever makes the none disney movies that i thought was disney (like anatasia and swan princess) cause i didnt know studios as a kid lol. lets keep it real, its not like scorsese is making films like x-men, clueless, or little mermaid. if those are the kinds of films you like, its super easy to avoid directors who dont do them. same with singers: i dont listen to american music. its impressive that i even know folks names (mostly from youtubers or podcasters making a reference) but i cant name one song from lil wayne, kendrick lamar (?) or rolling stones. they are just names that take up space in the recesses of my mind

  3. he’s a really good movie and i would watch it again but its over hyped. i wasnt blown away and definitely dont see it as a classic, must watch, best movie ever. its just a solid good film. nothing special. it would not win the olympics but a few high school championships

  4. i dont recognize anything either other than the clothing. i mean the line “why are you laughing? am i amusing to you? am i a clown” that is just a phrase i’ve heard my entire life in different ways. rather you say clown or jester it doesnt mean you are referencing THIS film as those occupations have existed long before this film “im not a clown made for you amusement” is one way i’ve heard it phrased. but who knows, people say everything is influenced by star wars and i say “lies, nothing i like or seen” i mean, x-men existed BEFORE star wars, and i dont see any jebi in sailor moon so………………people too often see what they want to see instead of seeing reality

  5. it was 28 not 21 and yeah i was like “he’s 40. stop movie”. the actress’ name is debi mazar and i love her. she had a short lived show “temperorarily yours” and i loved it! she was also in entourage and so so SO many things in the 90s. very famous. saw her in interviews all the time back in the day. HER EYES MAN! ice blue, the most beautiful eyes i ever saw as a kid.

  6. I know The Sopranos has been put on the TV nomination list before but it hasn’t ever been shortlisted for a poll show.

  7. I’ve always just assumed y’all watched the sopranos way back when during its peak, but now knowing you hadn’t watched Goodfellas…

  8. Oh Calvin you sweet summer child. They weren’t cotton balls, they were using baking soda to re-rock the cocaine into crack rocks (or in this case, crack balls), therefore increasing their already insane profit margins.

  9. This one of my top 4 favorite movies! Thank you for reacting to it. Some trivia: the lady playing Joe Pesci’s mom is Martin Scorsese’s mother. The robbery getaway driver shot by Tommy is played by Samuel L. Jackson. And Spider (kid who was shot in the foot) is Michael Imperioli, who later became famous for playing Christopher on The Sopranos. I had SO much fun watching this, y’all. I appreciate you!

  10. One of my favorite movies. Trivia bits that I haven’t seen mentioned already: The FBI agent at the end talking to Henry and Karen is the real guy playing himself. Also, in the “how am I funny?” scene, Ray Liotta reportedly didn’t know Tommy was going to say any of that, so his reactions are real.

  11. “Based on a true story” is real and accurate to the actual events.

    “Based on true events” is a created story around an actual event

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