Thor: Love and Thunder Movie Reaction

October 7, 2022

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22 thoughts on "Thor: Love and Thunder Movie Reaction"

  1. Honestly, i know lots dislike this film but for me i feel it was fair bit better than Ragnarok (which i rather disliked), and while not an amazing film its not a bad one. Like a 6/10. Just kinda average. Jane, Valkyrie, and Gorr carry the film for me.

  2. I personally think it’s below average tbh it was just disappointing overall so for me it’s a 4/10. Gorr definitely carried the film for me but even then I felt like he could’ve been written better

  3. Also rewatching the film with them, one complaint do wanna address is i know lots hate the finale battle with the kids, but honestly i fucking love it. I’d be lying if i wasn’t hyped af watching those kids power up and kick ass

  4. I personally think it was a just average cause while the comedy wasn’t the best, i think it had a really fucking strong ending, and decent start. The middle too often falls flat, but Jane and Valkyrie keep it bearable until it picks up again, since i think those two were done quite well. Also while the comedy is meh, and usually the MCU does better, i think the jokes landed better than Ragnarok, and it handled the more serious moments better. Its really just that middle that falls flat that really drags it down. Not sure if it needed more or less time, but that entire middle needed rework, but they nailed the finale (everything from them landing on Gorr’s shadow planet, till the end of the film i think was a solid 8-9/10). The start with Gorr was 10/10, and the Guardians stuff wasn’t bad. It was for me, the moment Thor returned to new Asgard till he reaches Gorr’s planet, that the film just kinda falls apart and needs Jane and Valkyrie to keep you from turning the film off. Kinda was rambly, but hope got across what i mean well enough

  5. Imagine how amazing the reveal of Brett Goldstein would have been if they had watched Ted Lasso. Still hoping for that series to pop up on a pole, would vote for it in a heartbeat. But I’m still holding out hope, the series would fit the Wave crew perfectly!

    Great reaction as always, glad you finally got around to reacting to this movie.

  6. He has been wearing them in many (maybe all?) of the recent reactions from the last like 1-2 weeks. No idea why though

  7. They can kinda work as hearing aides so it may be something to do with that. I wouldn’t worry about it though, it doesn’t impact his reactions.

  8. there is a comic villain named sharpnel who can do with his body what jane does with the hammer. his body is made of metal so not gross like arms fall off boy

  9. glad my fellow rick read the comic and knows whats up. this film was trash. two totally different comics set years apart with nothing to do with each other/ sure lets have a mashup! what is wrong with the mcu! who ever is running that place sucks

  10. dont watch the show and dont know the actor and i was majorly excited to see hercules. from his 90s avengers team with crystal to the animated disney series to kevin sorbo in the legendary journeys, herc has been a staple of my life from birth so………………….BOOP

  11. That was bad. The plot or theme was all over the place. It felt like it was trying to satisfy everyone but ended up not satisfying anyone at all.

    Kinda glad to see that some people still enjoyed it, but this is not for me. Christian Bale was painfully wasted with such a minuscule role you won’t even see Gorr do the “butchering” lol.

    I find this movie similar to those independent live-action children-oriented videos found in youtube but with a huge budget.

    If you liked this movie there is a huge chance that you will also like Robert Rodriguez movies like Spy Kids and the most recent one We Can Be Heroes.

    Man the CGI for Thor’s mother part of the movie was bad or is it an artistic decision?

  12. Fun reaction! I enjoy the movie but don’t love it. Its still miles above Thor 1 & Thor 2 for me though. Really looking forward to Wakanda Forever next

  13. maybe aaron and erick are picking what reactions for marvel mcu movies to watch with rick and calvin because the same thing happened with doctor strange multiverse of madness eric was with calvin and rick in that reaction here in thor love and thunder its aaron with calvin and rick. because aaron and erick are seeing these mcu movies in theaters for a youtube review before rick and calvin

  14. i enjoy thor love and thunder a lot my favorite thor movie and favorite chris hemsworth performance as thor. and christain bale as gorr phenomenal as always. it was fun and terrifying seeing thor and gorr clash in this movie. 8/10 for thor love and thunder for me. this is my favorite taika waititi movie also. and best chemistry between thor and jane from the 1st thor movie to this thor love and thunder.

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