Willow Movie Reaction

November 18, 2022

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5 thoughts on "Willow Movie Reaction"

  1. 20 years? i got you beat. havent seen willow since i was a kid so we talking 25-30 years. i remember liking it, magic, the title, val and the princess/love interest (dont know if she is a princess) and thats about it. oh and yeah there is a prophecy with a baby but none of the details. hope it lives up to my memory or supersedes it

  2. FYI Airk’s sword (the long one attached to the gauntlet) is a weapon from India called a “Pata/Patta”. When not paired with a shield or other weapon, it was most likely used for “Cut & Run” assaults from horseback.

    It was shown in Forged in Fire once.

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