A Nightmare on Elm Street Movie Reaction

September 30, 2022

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13 thoughts on "A Nightmare on Elm Street Movie Reaction"

  1. Great reaction. I saw this movie way too young (10), and it has stuck with me forever. To this day (I am 48), I have trouble comfortably sleeping on my back because of the way Glen was pulled through the bed. lol

  2. Arguably the greatest slasher film of all time, and for me Nancy is the best slasher final girl ever. Too be clear, I’m talking about Heather Langenkamp’s Nancy, not Rooney Mara’s. Zod, the remake was terrible.

    They should react to part 3 and New Nightmare, at the least. Easily the best sequels.

    Nightmare does the best sequels out of the Nightmare, Friday the 13th, and Halloween films. But the slasher with the best sequels and most consistent quality is Scream.

  3. Loved the Nightmare on My Street at the end there! I hate horror movies pretty much nowadays but I had my phase back in high school. I was a big fan of the third movie, Dream Warriors, but that may have been because Dokken did the song. It was also my head banging days.

  4. People always talk about badass female protagonists of the 80’s like Ripley or Sarah Connor, but Nancy is a super underrated one. She’s constantly proactive and doing everything in her power to figure things out and survive, she’s an awesome protagonist.

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