Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania Movie Reaction

May 19, 2023

17 thoughts on "Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania Movie Reaction"

  1. i got to be honest i simply could not stand janets character in this movie so much could have been avoided if she had just spoken up like she should know kang could become more than a thanos level threat I also feel like modok and kang both went out too easily like it just feels like they should be both stronger than they are like kang was literally destroying planets where was that power in that fight he was disintegrating people entirely yet either didn’t use it against the ant fam or it just didn’t work i just does not make sense to me

    1. In my opinion a much better fight would have been kang effortlessly beating the fuck out ant man without even getting hit as he says he’s lost count how many avengers he’s killed so have him say “you can’t beat me I’ve killed thousands of you” then have antman use the power core thing to create infinite versions of him self and say “I’m pretty bad at math but I’m sure infinite is bigger than a thousand” and at that point have ant man start winning because kang can’t defend from literally every possible attack and eventually ware kang down but have the power core thing take its toll on ant man like fucking up his body buy doing this so eventually he has to stop both him and kang are severely fucked up have that be the tired slugging match and then have Janet or hope or cassie pickup the power core make it small and have modok fly it into kangs mouth while also small and then have modok make it massive again completing his self sacrifice and redemption have them celebrate then ant man falls down nearly have a death scare then he wakes up back on earth and they give a you quick cut montage of the characters they’ve met and what there doing now narrated by Scott who is telling his friend about what hes been up to lately and get to the end have the friend point out what kang said then he starts panicking buy then friend says ah it’ll probably be fine smash cut credits there done in my opinion that would have been so much better and well setup and rounded off than the toned down Kang we got he is supposed to be stupid strong ant man shouldn’t be able to just beat him without some of his own stupid shit

  2. When something bad happens in your life and you just want to forget it, that what happened to Janet. I absolutely understand why she do not wanted to talk about anything. She sad that there is nothing in quantum realm and stay out of there, so… Also, her story would be unbelievable, even that she spent 30 years there, and with Thanos and infinity stones and everything. You theory about spread word to not mess with quantum realm is too scripted imo.

  3. Loved this movie couldn’t stop laughing, loved the action, and the emotional moments really hit for me its in the top half of the mcu for me and definitely the best ant-man movie….this movie doesn’t deserve the hate it gets

  4. I do really like the idea of having a little scene where Stan would’ve been, just for the audience who knows to think about him during the movie.

    The Jonathan Majors stuff is a right mess; I love Majors as an actor especially since Lovecraft Country and his Kang performance was great, but the situation he’s in does not sound good for those involved. I’m going to bet there’ll be a recast. There’s a couple actors I’d love see as Kang, saw John Boyega’s name as a suggestion and thought that would be a great choice. Overall quite enjoyed watching the movie this time with the crew. I was fighting to not fall asleep during some points while watching at the theater. Darren MODOK reaction was super funny, gave me an appreciation for him lol. I still don’t really have the urge to rewatch it in the future, but this was a good 2nd watch.

  5. fun facts: the effects for the kangs teleporting in? dr. doom’s time platforms! victor timely? before it was marvel comics it was TIMELY comics…………the only thing that brought me joy in this was seeing all the comic references via kang. the rest was a BORE

  6. This reaction made me like the movie a lot more. I literally didn’t smile or laugh once when I watched the movie on Disney Plus. But the crew’s enjoyment of it made me enjoy it a bit more. I’m still pretty disappointed, though, especially since Peyton Reed said this was his ‘Endgame.’

  7. people really didnt pick up on this after the film but there is a great theory that scott is in a different universe at the end of the film one controlled by the council of kangs

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