Batman: Under the Red Hood Reaction

April 2, 2021

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10 thoughts on "Batman: Under the Red Hood Reaction"

  1. Black Mask is famously Roman Sionis whose mask was burned onto his face during a battle with Batman.
    Also, that is what AMAZO looks like in the comics.

  2. This is based pretty well on the comics. Ignore the Arkham Knight video game. The death is based on the Death in the Family. The resurrection is based on a story from the Hush comics, which was a fake out in the comics, because the way he was really brought back was because Superboy Prime punched reality so hard he resurrected Jason Todd.

  3. I agree with Aaron on how justice system’s fault for not killing Joker more so than Batman. I feel like if Batman killed the Joker we would get some b.s. on the public turning on Batman for breaking the law and hunt him down. I feel like that is such a typical response in superhero genre except when the hero is replaced by a new anti-hero then suddenly people are all fine with them killing people.

  4. I love that that was the final scene, of the young him. Even though the characters in the scene are happy, it leaves you with a sadness as you relflect on how different he became. It leaves you in thought

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