Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Movie Reaction

July 1, 2022

21 thoughts on "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Movie Reaction"

  1. Went into this at least knowing that Raimi was involved, so I tried hard to put aside my preconceptions or preferences for the film. Really the only hard one was Wanda’s version in this film, after seeing WandaVision, even if ultimately, I just thought okay we’re going full “comic Wanda” and then it was all fine. -The waste of the Illuminate when they finally showed up sucked though! At least we know these characters exist in the MCU and will most likely see again. -Because its Raimi it was ridiculous in some places, like Pizza Papa…there could have been a better role for his actor and longtime friend to cameo in this movie. Yet besides stuff like that I had a lot of fun and feel it’s an easily re-watchable film. Really like America Chavez and can’t wait for the younger avengers to finally come together in the next few years in the next phase of the MCU. -Really just need them to release a fuller directors cut for the holidays! 😀

  2. I kinda disagree with Rick about Wanda not having reasonable motives. I think with the way they did it and how they purposefully portrayed Wanda as a horror movie villain, it’d kinda be hard to give Wanda reasonable motives and sympathetic while also having her be the murder hobo she is in this movie. And I think it works

  3. You’re right Eric. One of the worst after credits scenes ever. I LOVE this movie but it does contradict the consequences of the movie and we don’t know who the hell she is so it doesn’t hit.

  4. Because of time and money, I saw this really late when the theaters were empty and had already heard spoilers so I didn’t get the experience I wanted. So I’m looking at reactions now even though it’s not the same. I just wish I could have gone on opening night not knowing anything and seeing and hearing full audience reactions to John Krasinski as Mister Fantastic and some of the surprisingly dark deaths and stuff.

  5. I think Wanda bodying the Illuminati shows just how powerful and downpowered characters can be due to writing.Squirl Girl beat Thanos because of writing. All these heroes and villains are strong and weak with how the writer chooses.

  6. I’m sad to hear some people didn’t enjoy this movie, I liked the sort of old-school vibe they had going, it’s different and I think superhero movies have changed but it doesn’t mean this way of doing it was bad I loved it.

  7. so no one wants to point out to rick that wouldn’t work. if our dreams are alternate realities and u pick to go to one. a reality where u exist and can find ur way home wouldn’t matter for u. either dreamwalk and take over that rick therefore getting him lost or u go to that universe and ur still u, more lost and farther away from home than ever. what he’s saying is he were just a rick that has a better sense of direction which was not the question

  8. Doctor Strange is my second favourite Marvel character and this is without a doubt my favourite Marvel film to date. I loved every part of it. The visuals and sounds are incredible. The multiverse travel scene and the music fight scene have to be some of the coolest moments in the MCU so far for me.

  9. I really didn’t like this film, it jumped around so much and I rarely use the word hate to describe art, but I hated the music. It was like it was telling you how to feel. I think I just don’t like Sam raimi style, it’s so cheesy and old school. It worked with Spider-Man 20 years ago. But superhero films have evolved since then. We’ve deconstructed and moved past tropes and they’ve grown. This just feels like a 20 year old film. I wasn’t feeling any of the emotions the music was telling me to and it was jarring. I’m glad you all liked it though, it’s good there’s something for everyone.

    1. I agree 100%. Sam Raimi had good spidermans for back in the day. And the Evil Dead series is great. But they should never have given him a new MCU movie. This should have been amazing, but it just feels super campy. And it isn’t even his fault, like you said the music was terrible, but the writing was the worst part. Nothing made any sense in the movie and they disrespected so many characters in this for god knows what reason.

    2. Yeah, that’s honestly how I feel about it exactly. I’m glad that opinion isn’t nearly as unpopular as I thought it would be. Happy people enjoyed it, but it sadly wasn’t for me personally.

        1. I think what he’s trying to say is this. Unless that review was made after having seen the movie “here” in this recording, this isn’t his first time seeing it. This would just be his reaction to it, though not the one from a 1st watch. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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