Evolution Movie Reaction

March 25, 2022

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18 thoughts on "Evolution Movie Reaction"

  1. I haven’t been too enthused about the movie selections recently, which is good, it means you guys are doing something for everyone. But I just got the email and I’m so excited to watch this now. It’s by no means a masterpiece but it’s such an entertaining film. It baffles me that this hasn’t been franchised. The concept is so good. It would make a great game too with constantly evolving monsters you have to kill with different variations of head and shoulders.

  2. I definitely would love a game like that, the few closest things that we have are the 4v1 Evolve game that was not too great, the Starcraft 2 Zerus cinematic that was great but not a game, and the micro-phase of the Spore game.
    We need MORE.

  3. Oh what a great choice, haven’t seen this movie in years but it’s hilarious – can’t wait to watch the full length later..

  4. Nooo, it has another after credits scene 8 months later! You miss it… 🙁 But so happy for the reaction!!

  5. why? if anything in this movie makes no sense. they saw a fucking dragon and called it an alien bird. that was a mother fucking dragon. at that point i would have wanted to tame that sucker and own a dragon

  6. No wayyyyyyyyyyyyy. This was one of the movies of my Childhood! Enjoyable Garbage, watching to the entire full length RIGHT NOW

  7. Holy shit! This is up there with Heavyweights and the Mummy movies as weirdly hilarious movies that I watched wayyy too young lol (I forget, Little Nicky too!) I really hope This is the End makes a poll one day as it feels like the perfect funny apocalypse movie for our fearsome 4 lol

  8. It was Julianne Moore’s idea for her to be clumsy af
    Can’t find how much H&S paid/got paid, but apparently there wasnt selenium until after this movie, the intense treatment has 1% lol

  9. I’ve never even heard of this film, and I know now that this was the first of many, many viewings. I will force all of my friends to watch this film

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