Fast & Furious F9 The Fast Saga Movie REACTION

November 25, 2022

10 thoughts on "Fast & Furious F9 The Fast Saga Movie REACTION"

  1. I love how seriously Aaron takes the reasoning behind Doms idea of family, I was completely with him through that whole explanation and so glad he didn’t give up and kept trying to convince the others. Made my day and I full agree.

    As far as Dom not expressing, it’s always felt like when he decides to go on these missions he just disassociates until it’s over, he kind of takes a deep breath, accepts he’ll likely die and doesn’t stop to freak out until it’s over, unless his family is in trouble… I want a scene at the end of each movie where he excuses himself from the BBQ, goes into the bathroom, and cathartically screams and cries for 10 minutes, everyone outside can hear him, but they know it’s just him letting go of all the cool he’s needed for this mission, he walks out calm, no one says a word, an FBI agent drives up with new info and it all starts again.

  2. I swear to god, anytime I need to just have a pick me up or laugh in my life I’m going to cue up the scene with the bridge in the beginning because every time Eric Yells “There faster than physics Calvin!” I absolutely lose my shit laughing. lol

  3. calling it that next film dom’s father is gonna be alive this whole time and had another family then had a daughter and its cypher then they will have a race to the core of the earth and dom sacrifices himself while holding the weight of the earth up with is bare hands to save his family

  4. guess im a fan compared to eric lol so surprised that he is surprised they went into space. we have talked bout this happening for YEARS in the online community. just some of us thought they would save it for the final film, cause how do you top going into space?

    1. I gotta disagree. These movies were never really that good. What makes them fun and enjoyable is just how fucking insane they keep getting, ever since the 2nd or 3rd one. Without that, they wouldn’t be worth watching

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