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September 16, 2022

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  1. One of my favorite details about this movie is when Jupe is doing his show, he says “what if I told you that in about an hour you’ll leave here different?” and theres an hour left of the movie

  2. Some details that I only picked up later (or heard others say):
    -The inside of Jean Jacket looks like the inside of an old film camera. So if you think of Jean Jacket as this giant camera it adds to this theme of our pursuit of Hollywood fame or social media fame literally devouring us alive.
    -The shoe standing up on its own is an example of a “bad miracle,” and the idea of “bad miracles” is a running theme throughout the film.
    -OJ possibly being on the spectrum (or at the very least, being very uncomfortable with eye contact) both mirrors his horses who don’t want to be looked in the eye and Jean Jacket (and in general I just like the idea of someone on the autism spectrum being an ‘action hero’ of sorts whose ‘weaknesses’ actually turn out to be their strength). His quiet nature also ironically makes him mirror the style of classic cowboy heroes in Hollywood Westerns.
    -I like the “complete opposites” brother-sister dynamic of OJ and Emerald, where it feels like they each got one half of their father’s personality but are missing the other half (and can therefore only be successful working together).

  3. Bro, the effect of hearing people screaming inside of Jean Jacket is just so terrifying! When it’s happening during the rain storm then all the screaming just cuts out at once. I heard multiple people in the theater gasp. That moment of realization. Absolutely terrifying! All of Jordan Peele’s movies are scary, but this might be the scariest in my opinion even though it’s tone shifts to more of an Amblin type horror film as it progresses, the Gordy scene, plus just the uniqueness of the scares throughout. This movie legit makes clouds scary!

  4. Glad you guys enjoyed the movie! Theres some things about this movie that I don’t like, but i don’t think it deserves the hate it gets by a mile, it’s still enjoyable. Happy to see a reaction to this movie and it not be filled with negativity 🙂

        1. It’s an ok movie. Personally, out of Jordan Peele’s movies, I would rank this below both Get out (2017) and Us (2019). Us (2019) is my favorite for Lupita’s performance. This movie had plot holes. The Gordy flashbacks weren’t even related to the plot. The movie doesn’t even show how Jupe knows about the alien. At the beginning of the movie OJ looked directly at the cloud and nothing happened to him. The movie doesn’t explain why the creature always stays around the ranch. It’s a big world out there. It’s also annoying how they tried to get footage from under the creature given its effects on electronics. Like mate, set up the camera far away on a hill as no one lives nearby and the land is crystal clear with no houses either.

          1. Few things. Wanna point out, as Blindwave even pointed out in their discussion, the Gordy flashbacks were both important to understanding Jupe’s character, as well as they tied in with the overall theme with animals and their exploitation and the consequences of that. Second point, no it doesn’t show us but we are told by Jupe that he witnessed it eating a horse 6 months back, and thats how he discovered it. Jupe buying all the horses and it getting more aggressive in its eating was because of Jupe trying to train it to exploit it for his show. For why it kept not eating people like OJ looking at it, it admit not a great reason but they do specify that it would get hungry eventually, so can assume its just not hungry then. As for it staying by the ranch, OJ does explain that “its territorial, and it thinks this is its ho-“. He got cut off, but assume he was gonna say home, so it considers this valley area to be its home and its acting territorial and its feeding. It wouldn’t leave its territory. And for the last point, with them trying so close, that again ties to them all wanting the impossible shot/the opera shot. Too far, and it wont be good enough.

        2. It’s a good movie. I enjoyed it. There are some things I didn’t get though. By Gordy not being relevant, I meant that the animal stuff was already shown at the beginning of the movie with the horse in the studio. The horse was irritated with the mirrors. That’s why I said it wasn’t related to the plot. Since Jupe was in the Gordy Flashbacks too and when it was revealed that Jupe knew about the creature, I was expecting some crazy connection between the flashbacks and the alien etc. I personally would’ve enjoyed the movie more if it was Jupe who said “don’t look the creature in the eye”, given his past trauma with Gordy. Since it was OJ who realized that when not looking at the creature it won’t attack, for me Jupe and the Gordy flashbacks were pointless. The director going for the impossible shot at the end annoyed me, like the dumb decisions in every horror movies but I get it. Thanks for the explanations.

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