Prey Movie Reaction

August 26, 2022

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18 thoughts on "Prey Movie Reaction"

  1. I have a whole folder on my phone with notes for a predator movie a modern day poachers in Africa vs predator, WW2 predator, Arnold Swarrzeggar and john bernthal fighting a predator.

  2. You guys should check out the comics there really cool theres a predator in Victorian London, a predator named ahan who fights a engineere from prometheus.

  3. Y’all should look up BTS clips – those mandibles were not always CGI. Some of the best practical effects for a monster I’ve ever seen tbh. Check it out!!!

  4. they should eat the predator cause they eat their prey instead of letting it go to waste. then the alien dna rewrites their dna then we get human/predator hybrids from their kids. SUPER HEROES VS PREDATORS!

  5. cause of the whole predator thing i skipped this movie. not as horrific as i thought it would be. so thought it would be a horror movie and the trailer sold it to me as such so i was like no way. this seemed to focus more on the native aspects which is something i can get into. the reaction had me going “hmmm. i could watch a full length” i wont, but i could.

  6. I loved the link to Predator 2 at the end with the Flintlock Pistol that Danny Glover was handed

  7. The rope thing was meant to show how her mind works as in trying new things in a fight to compensate for Predator’s strength and other stronger human braves or the Hunters. Can’t believe eric didnt get the point of the Rope hatchet thing.

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