RRR Movie Reaction

July 29, 2022

13 thoughts on "RRR Movie Reaction"

  1. all bollywood films have an intermission, you just got to be aware of them. so that scene where they turned their hands to water and fire after bheem is captured and aaron goes “what is going on? i feel like we are missing some scenes” THAT was the intermission aka the half way point.

  2. really amazing film. cant say its my favorite (i’ve seen a TON of bollywood films) but i had a ball. yall should watch babli aur bunty. thats my favorite bollywood film. and its a heist movie so kinda like ocean’s 11.

  3. For what it’s worth, I think this would fall under what we call the “Masala” genre. Masala means a mix of spices and these movies have a mix of everything, just the right amount of over the top action, drama, romance, etc. Beware though, a lot of the older masala movies will seem very outdated and sometimes cringey and I recommend asking comments from your patreon supporters before starting any of them.

    If you like this, you will definitely enjoy the Bahubali series (2 movies) by the same director. Same energy in many of the action and drama scenes.

  4. Loved that you guys did this! Non-english movies have some surprises that are gems that you just have to experience. And it makes reactions so much fun because, as someone who grew up with all these movies, this reaction made me fall back in love with this movie. I would recommend the other set of movies Bahubhali made from same director.

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