Video Diary 6: An Impossible Dream

2 weeks ago

4 thoughts on "Video Diary 6: An Impossible Dream"

  1. This honesty is heartbreakingly beautiful. It is so important that you are willing to share these raw, real feelings with the world. It’s such a unique situation where people can have context about you as a person by seeing you in your different phases (around the channel) and then listen to you share these incredibly relatable and human feelings. I’m so glad that these help you to feel not alone because I’m positive that they will help many others also not to feel so alone. These are a wonderful gift. I’m also grateful that you share that you have the support of a wife and a family and that we know that you have such good support at your workplace. Hugs.

  2. i just want to use this comment section to vent for myself and hope that you rick may find something out of it… im 24 working in a chicken plant. i live with my girlfriend and we are happy. im extremely self aware and i think it kills sometimes with my anxiety. my mom has ALS and around 3 to 4 years left. it has been hard for me and my brother. last month they invited me to go out to eat with them cause my brother came down from his job. i couldn’t go out with them and i dont know why. what is stopping me from going out to eat with me estranged brother and dieing mom? this week my mom had a hard fall cause her leg officially gave out. she now is in her electric wheel chair for the rest of her days. i missed the last opportunity to go out with my mom and brother like a regular family. i hate myself for it. i feel like my brother hates me for it. hes normal. i just dont want it to be too late for you like it was for me rick. whatever you feel like you need to do, do it. unlike me. i have always took pride in my mental strength and almost took pity to those who are “depressed”. but man have i been humbled.

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